GUILLOUARD manufactures hot dip galvanized watering-cans and galvanized watering-cans coated with a polyurethane paint.

Our 6,10,12 or 13L watering-cans have an oval or round shape. They are designed to be used in the garden.

Roses for watering-cans are either hot dip galvanized or made of plastic. Their grids are made of galvanized steel or brass, with 1.4mm holes for standard use or with 1mm holes especially for watering seeds smoothly.

The oval 3L watering-cans are designed to be used on terraces or in greenhouses.

The round 2L watering-cans are often used in the houses or on balconies
It is delivered without any rose.

GUILLOUARD sells also 1L and 1,75L watering-cans for watering plants inside,

and 5L painted watering-cans.