GUILLOUARD manufactures food-mills that are hot tinned in the traditional method. 4 sizes are available: Ø 20cm (1.5L), Ø 24cm (2.4L), Ø 27cm (3.6L) and Ø 31cm (5.7L)

Plastic food mills available in various colours:

taupe, cherry red, plum, Trendy blue, Trendy, green, Trendy pink

Plastic food mills with an integrated blade,

Plastic or hot tinned vegetable graters,

Hot tinned all-purpose mini-mincer and cheese-graters

And clever multi-purpose products.

Guillouard markets also a range of cream colour containers such as storage pails for potatoes, garlic or onions, and a milk pot

Chip-cutters, parsley-mills, cheese graters and salad spinners