GUILLOUARD manufactures hot dip galvanized drinkers, feeders and feeding boxes for poultry, buckets for horses and for veals, menure buckets, pots and cauldrons, and a large range of other containers (see on Household items page).

"Syphonic" drinkers with or without tripods are available with 3L, 5L, 10L and 20L capacities. Zinc is known for its good fungicidal and antiseptic properties. It allows water not to “wallow”.

Hot dip galvanized feeders are available from 30cm to 100cm long and in several widths depending on if they are for chicks, young hens or fattened pullets. The ones for chicks are fitted with anti-waste grills. The ones for big pullets are fitted with rotating bars. The ones for young hens are available either with anti-waste grills or with rotating bars. Both equipments avoid poultry to stand on the feeders and to defecate on the seeds.

For poultry we also have feeders designed to be suspended with 50, 25 and 15 L capacities. For birds we have smaller feeders with 1,5 and 3L capacities.

Buckets are designed for specific uses. GUILLOUARD manufactures two veal buckets (round with 12L capacity or flared with 16L capacity), and a special bucket for horses (21L) that is reinforced. One feeding-drinking container is designed to be placed in an old tyre. It does not fall over when animals kick it in pasture lands.

Menure buckets (delivered without handles) are designed to clean out drains. We have straight sided or flared shapes. All of them have a 7L capacity.

GUILLOUARD manufactures also 20L, 31L and 65L hot dip galvanized pots with lids,

and 14L, 21L and 28L hot dip galvanized cauldrons.