GUILLOUARD manufactures hot dip galvanized flared buckets: Ø22cm-5L, Ø26cm-9L, Ø28cm-11L, Ø30cm-13L, Ø32cm-16L, Ø34cm-20L,

Straight sided Ø30cm - 21L buckets, “Le Nantais” 12L coal buckets, 9L buckets for wells,

Basins: Ø34cm-9L, Ø36cm-11L, Ø38cm-13L, Ø40cm-15L, Ø44cm-21L and Ø60cm-54L,

28L, 39L, 50L, 75L and 87L coppers,

20L dustbins with hinged lids and 75L dustbins with removable lids.

GUILLOUARD markets also 30L or 75L galvanized or painted “american” dustbins with removable lids.

and crushers for plastic bottles and cans